MayWorks Ottawa to commemorate Winnipeg General Strike Centenary

In just under two months, the 2nd annual MayWorks Ottawa festival of working people and the arts will bring working class history to life in Ottawa. The festival will include concerts, visual arts, theatrical performances, participatory art, and more. Program details will be announced in the coming weeks.

WHAT: This year’s MayWorks Ottawa 2019 theme will be Toppling the System: 100 years of the working class resistance and the arts. 2019 marks the centenary of the Winnipeg General Strike, the largest and most influential strike in Canadian history. Mayworks Ottawa will pay tribute to the workers involved in this strike through education and the arts.

MayWorks recognizes May 1st, which is marked throughout the world as May Day or International Workers’ Day. This is the day when the workers of the world take to the streets in major cities around the globe demanding justice, fairness, and dignity for all. MayWorks Ottawa, for a 2nd year, aims to shed light on the issues facing workers and marginalized communities in this city, through various forms of art and engagement coinciding with May Day 2019.

WHEN: April 29 to May 15, 2019.

WHERE: MayWorks Ottawa 2019 events will take place primarily at Arts Court.

WHO: MayWorks Ottawa is a grassroots festival organized by labour and community activists.

WHY: “MayWorks is a festival of working class culture that is rooted in an understanding that all workers share a common struggle for justice and that the arts are an important means of advancing this struggle. Working class struggle in Ottawa and around the world is rooted in an unjust economic system and is characterized by unstable hours, short term contracts, and low wages,” says Kelti Cameron, one of MayWorks Ottawa’s organizers. “These struggles are further exacerbated by barriers like racial and gender discrimination, immigration status, criminalization, and lack of access to education. The result is precarity, income instability, underemployment, unemployment, forced migration and poverty.”

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Media Advisory: MayWorks launches Friday

Media Advisory: MayWorks Ottawa Festival of Working People and the Arts launches Friday

WHAT: MayWorks is a festival of working class culture that is rooted in an understanding that workers share a common struggle for justice, and that the arts are an important means of advancing this struggle.

MayWorks Ottawa 2018 includes a concert, film screening, theatre, protest, community picnic, participatory art, panel discussion, book relaunch, and art exhibits. The full program, including artist and venue details, is available here. Read more “Media Advisory: MayWorks launches Friday”

Negative Theatre Audition Notice


Negative Theatre is looking for actors!

We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic actors for our upcoming project, 13 Tableaux of a Precarious Worker, written by Ozgur Cinar and Gulden Ozcan, directed by Ozgur Cinar, a play about the growth of precarious work (mostly temporary, contract, subcontracted jobs with no benefits, no health insurance, no job security) and its impacts on individuals. Read more “Negative Theatre Audition Notice”